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Welcome to Spanish at Ponderosa

Ponderosa's Spanish Instructor: 

Olivia Lester

Hello! My name is Olivia Lester, and I am teaching Spanish at Ponderosa Elementary School. I am so excited for this opportunity, and I know that the students will have a fun and rewarding experience in this class.

This year students are having Spanish class for an hour a week. Each unit taught will be based on the Thompson School District and Colorado World Language Academic Standards. I will be providing each student ample opportunities to explore the Spanish language and culture. 

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2023-2024 Spanish Units


Unit 0 Introduction
Unit 1 Family and Friends
Unit 2 Shapes, Colors, and Numbers
Unit 3 Animals Alive
Unit 4 Houses Around the World

First Grade

Unit 0 Introduction
Unit 1 Calendar & Events
Unit 2 Addition/Subtraction
Unit 3 Literacy: Classic Stories
Unit 4 Life Cycle of Butterfly

Second Grade

Unit 0 Introduction
Unit 1 A Comer! (To Eat)
Unit 2 Plants
Unit 3 Weather & Seasons
Unit 4 Las compras (shopping)


Third Grade

Unit 0 Introduction
Unit 1 Global Citizen
Unit 2 Measurement Time
Unit 3 Oceans & Continents
Unit 4 Solar System

Fourth Grade

Unit 0 Introduction
Unit 1 Creative & Expressive
Unit 2 Questions & Answers
Unit 3 Natural Resources
Unit 4 Colorado Geography

Fifth Grade

Unit 0 Introduction
Unit 1 Healthy Eating
Unit 2 Indigenous People
Unit 3 Questions & Answers
Unit 4 Writing & Descriptive